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In Touch - June 30, 2010

  • 2010 Jun 30

June 30 
It Is Good to Be Afflicted 

Psalms 119:71-76

David rejoiced in affliction because trials added to his knowledge of God. Lessons in the Lord's constancy, grace, and provision were more valuable to him than a sack of money. Moreover, David's heart and spirit were enriched as well.

Affliction acts as spiritual fertilizer on a believer's faith. David's radical pursuit of the Lord developed while he was running from a murderous king. The years between his victory over Goliath and his ascension to the throne were physically demanding and emotionally draining. Yet the challenges molded the future king into a wise leader, a cunning warrior, and a humble servant of God.

David's psalms reveal that his struggles taught him dependence on God (Ps. 4), perseverance (Ps. 13), and many other valuable spiritual traits. The Lord also provided comfort even as He stretched the warrior-poet's faith (Ps. 86:17). As God intended, David's words offer solace to others who must walk through misery.

By means of affliction, God molds His children into comfort carriers (2 Cor. 1:4). The message we offer is the one we learned in our trials: God is enough. He is sufficient to meet needs when the pit is deep, the obstacle high, or the suffering prolonged. Moreover, our own life proves that hardship makes Christians stronger and wiser.

Second Corinthians 2:14 tells us that believers are a sweet aroma on the earth. Those whom God leads to triumph over affliction become the fragrance of His care to a hurting world. We carry cheer to the discouraged, relief to the hurting, and the message of Christ's love to all.

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