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In Touch - June 7-8, 2008

  • 2008 Jun 07

The Weekend of June 7 & 8, 2008 - The Landmine of Sexual Sin -James 1:14-16

Temptation’s power lies in its deceptive offer of instant pleasure without penalty.

But the truth is sin always has consequences. The nature of sexual immorality is behavior becomes progressively worse. The costs then get higher and higher.

Rebellion against God causes some Christians to experience guilt and anxiety. Sexual sin carries additional consequences beyond the risk of pregnancy and disease. Sexual sin can cause emptiness, loneliness, and damaged self-esteem.

Love should make two people want what’s best for each other. The best is always biblical. Sex apart from marriage is in violation of Scripture. Since the Lord cannot be part of it, some believers who give in to this temptation feel isolated from Him. They sense loneliness despite their human relationships. Their self-worth can easily erode.

God created us for intimacy with Him. This can occur only when we’re obedient. Some believers caught up in immorality may begin to doubt their salvation. They may wonder if their prayers are heard. What’s more, the Lord promises to give people over to their lust if they refuse to return to obedience. In Romans 1:28, the Lord said He may let their conscience be hardened until they lose the capacity to determine right from wrong.

No momentary pleasure is worth this high price. But there is good news. No matter what we’ve done, Jesus’ blood forgives our sins. He welcomes us back into fellowship with Him when we confess and turn away from wrongdoing. We may still have to deal with physical and emotional consequences. But Jesus restores our spirit to purity.


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