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In Touch - Mar. 12/13, 2011

  • 2011 Mar 12


March 12/13

Jesus Christ, the Son of God

John 20:30

In today’s verses, John wants us to know “that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God” (v. 31). But why is it so important that we believe He is God’s Son? The most obvious reason is because our salvation, and therefore our eternal destiny, depends upon our faith in this truth. But after salvation, Christ’s divine identity should continue to affect us.

For one thing, the Son offers a deeper understanding of the Father. Since Jesus is both God and man, He is uniquely qualified to help us in this way. As we study His life, the aspects of God’s character and ways that are difficult for our human minds to grasp come to life through Christ’s teaching and example.

He also shows us who we can become. The Lord is committed to transforming each of His followers into the likeness of His Son. Though we’ll never reach perfection or attain Christ’s divine attributes, His character can be worked out in our lives as we yield to the Holy Spirit. Jesus is our example for godly attitudes, words, and actions.

One other way Christ affects us is by inspiring our gratitude. Recognizing the sacrifice He made for us in leaving theglories of heaven to become our Savior fills us with praise and thankfulness. 

Let Jesus motivate you to live in purity. Since He abides within every believer through His indwelling Holy Spirit, selfish and sinful thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions have no place in our lives. Be mindful that He is always with you, and let Him direct your choices and purify your life.

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