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In Touch - Mar. 20, 2009

  • 2009 Mar 20

March 20, 2009
The Final Exam

Matthew 25:31-40

“Pay attention because there will be a test later.” Upon completing their schooling, most people are relieved not to have to hear those words anymore. Well, your testing days are not quite over, because God has a final exam for believers. Below is a brief “study guide” outlining what the Lord’s faithful can expect at His judgment throne.

The Questions. Examining each believer’s life from the moment of salvation to death, God looks for the answers to three questions:

  1. How much truth did he or she know?
  2. How many opportunities did the person have to use that truth?
  3. What did he or she do with those opportunities?

So you see that we are actually preparing for the final exam right now. On judgment day, no excuses or arguments can stand, nor will anything unrighteous, selfish, or evil be permitted in His holy presence. All we will have to show is what we did in God’s name.

The Rewards. Every person who receives Jesus Christ as Savior shares in the gift of eternal life. However, just as each one is judged by his or her own life, so are rewards given individually. Though the Bible is not specific about the nature of heavenly blessings, the promise of receiving them permeates its pages (Matt. 5:12, 6:4; 1 Cor. 3:8; Rev. 2:23).

God has given us so many big and small ways to honor Him. Do not waste a moment of preparation time! On the appointed day, you will want to stand before Him, certain that you used your opportunities to the fullest.



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