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In Touch - March 20, 2007

  • 2007 Mar 20

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

March 20, 2007 – Obedience: The Proof of Our Love 2 John 5           

            The phrase “I love You, God” means different things depending on the speaker. Some people use these words to express good feelings about the Lord. Others make up their own ideas of God’s desires for them. Jesus taught that only those who obey God’s commands truly love Him.

            Believers prove their love for God in a variety of ways. One is through daily prayer. Jesus taught that it has a central role in the Christian life. But, when we pray with motives that center around our desires instead of God’s desires, we’re not expressing affection for Him. True prayer seeks to determine God’s mind in order to carry out His agenda. When this kind of prayer is accompanied with an obedient response, we say “I love You” to God.

            Another method we use to prove our love for God is reading the Bible every day.  Jesus defined love as obedience. So, it’s essential that we apply what we read in Scripture to our daily lives. Otherwise, we just hear the Word and acquire knowledge (James 1:22), without really living  it.

            We also attempt to prove our love for God by pointing to our church involvement.  But we need to obey God’s direction rather than choose how we want to serve. Otherwise, our efforts are simply good works, not an expression of love to Him. Faithfulness to God’s plan shows our deep affection for Him; following our own way doesn’t.

            First John 4:10 says God demonstrated His love for us through the obedience of His Son, Jesus. Following His will reveals how deeply we care about Him. Take steps each day to show God how much you love Him.



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