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In Touch - March 31, 2006

  • 2006 Mar 31

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Friday March 31, 2006

Running Back to God

Luke 15:17-24


The King James Bible says the Prodigal Son went away to a “far country.” When we step out of God’s will, we also enter a far country,

even if we never leave our hometown. Satan beckons with promises of new experiences and entertainment. “Come satisfy your curiosity,”

he whispers. “This is the way to really live.”


The reality of the “far country” doesn’t fulfill Satan’s empty promises. Then our thinking becomes fragmented, and we lose our sense of

purpose. Instead of pursuing righteousness, we drift through life, squandering time, money, and often relationships. Believers traveling in a “far country” pour days and dollars into things that bring only temporary satisfaction. God given talents, ambition, and joy are wasted on pointless pursuits.


Inevitably, without God’s guidance, we make foolish decisions and find ourselves in want. We may be in physical need of food or cash, or we may find ourselves in a wretched emotional state — feeling isolated, unloved, or rejected. We learn the hard way that sin does not satisfy.


The ultimate end to such a journey far from our Father’s home is our personal “hog pen” — the place where we finally realize life is empty.

Having traveled so far to reach this new low, a person may wonder if God can ever love him or her again. The answer is yes. We cannot out sin the reach of the Lord’s grace. We can repent as the Prodigal Son did.


If you are in a “far country,” come home to the restoring forgiveness of your Father God. Let Him greet you as He does any prodigal child — with rejoicing.


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