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In Touch - May 9, 2005

  • 2005 May 09

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Monday May 9, 2005

Missing God's Will

PSALM 119:17-24


How would you describe the process of discovering God's will? Fantasy (“I do not believe God has a plan for specific areas of my life”)? Mystery (“God has a plan, but it is so hard to figure out”)? Biography (“I know Scripture reveals who God is and what His plans are, but at times I get confused”)? Let’s look at some of the reasons we miss God's will.


• Handling God's Word improperly. When our days become jam-packed with commitments and activities, we have trouble maintaining a steady intake of Scripture. Without significant time in the Bible, we tend to forget what matters to God. When we start mixing the world's lies with God's truth, we will step out of His plan. Other times we will incorrectly use Scripture to bolster decisions we have already made. Or, when God’s Word does not match what we want, we might reject it and do things our way.


• Picking the wrong guide. When making decisions, we sometimes rely too heavily on other peoples' opinions. We think that the easiest and quickest way to get answers is to ask other Christians or unbelievers who seem "wise." In other instances, we use our friends' lifestyle as a yardstick for God's will. We decide that if they can do this action, so can we. Or we think since our way is better than their choices, God will approve.


Making Scripture your daily companion is the best way not to miss God's plan. Be prepared to spend time reading and listening while the Spirit teaches you what God's will is for your life.


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