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In Touch - Nov. 1, 2007

  • 2007 Nov 01

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

November 1, 2007 – Laboring for God John 12:20-266

            Welcome to the In Touch Devotional.

            As followers of Jesus Christ, we’re to be living examples of His life. In other words, we’re to be people through whom the Holy Spirit carries out the Lord’s work. To follow Jesus’ example, we must do three things.

            First, learn how to live as God’s servants. We need to release control over our time, talent, and treasure. And we need to accept our commission to work in His kingdom. Like our Savior, we’re not to act independently (John 5:19). Our assignment is to do whatever God asks.

            Second, we should be ready to answer His call to aid others. There’s a natural desire to limit our circle to people like us. But we must fight against this tendency. God asks that we reach out to offer help wherever there’s a need. Whether it’s for strangers or for individuals we know. Strengthening our relationship with the Lord will help us recognize and act on the opportunities He’s placed before us. 

            Third, Hebrews 10:24 says we should motivate one another to good deeds. We should encourage each other to choose godliness and service over worldly pleasure and self-centeredness. Believers are to encourage in each other attitudes of gratefulness for what He’s done and confidence about what He’ll do in and through their lives. 

            Good works are not the means of salvation. But they do affect eternal rewards. At the judgment seat of Christ, believers will be evaluated for what they did on earth. Deeds done without direction from God will be burned up. First Corinthians 3:15 says those accomplished in obedience to the Spirit’s call will be rewarded.

            Let your love for God stimulate you to labor in His kingdom.


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