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In Touch - Nov. 10-11, 2007

  • 2007 Nov 10

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

November 10-11, The Ministry of the Holy Spirit John 16:7-15

            The moment we trust Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, we are adopted into God’s family, and the Holy Spirit comes to live within us. His presence is a guarantee that we belong to our heavenly Father.

            The Spirit’s ministry is essential to our ability to carry out God’s work—and do it in a manner pleasing to Him. Transforming us from the inside out to be like Jesus and producing godly fruit in our lives are significant parts of His work. He also convicts us of sin, provides us with understanding and wisdom, and gives us the spiritual gifts we need to serve God. Only through the Spirit’s divine presence do we receive the equipping and empowerment necessary to accomplish God’s plans. As we serve in a godly manner, we will testify to the truth of who Jesus is.

            All believers have God’s supernatural power to accomplish the work He has for them to do. Yet not all Christians choose to operate out of the Holy Spirit’s strength. Sometimes that’s because we’re confident in our own abilities and see no need to involve Him. A related reason is pride: we want to work things out ourselves and not depend on God. Human nature likes to be in control and have its own way.

            By attempting to live the Christian life in our own strength, we achieve only what we ourselves are able to accomplish. However, when you and I operate in the strength and power of the Spirit, the result is what our almighty God can do. The presence of the Holy Spirit is essential to our living a victorious life.



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