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In Touch - Oct. 29, 2008

  • 2008 Oct 29

October 29, 2008
God’s Blessing of Brokenness 
Exodus 2:11-15

The Lord had a great calling in mind for Moses—to free more than 2,000,000 Hebrew slaves from Egyptian bondage. And the future liberator appeared more qualified for the task than anyone else. As Pharaoh’s adopted grandson, he had all the benefits of royal privilege, power, and education.

But God knew this wasn’t enough. Moses still had a strong spirit of independence that would get in the way of carrying out the assignment through divine power. The Lord had to break this tendency before He could work through His chosen servant.

The opportunity arose when Moses killed an Egyptian for beating a slave (Ex. 2:11-12). Realizing the crime had been witnessed, he fled to the desert to escape Pharaoh’s wrath. It was there that he came to the end of himself.

Like Moses, we’re all born with a tendency toward selfishness and stubbornness and want things done our way. Therefore, God must bring every area of our lives into submission

Few will be given a task on the scale of Moses’, but the Father has a calling for each believer. Whether His plan is that we raise a godly family, reach out to a neighbor, or run a business with integrity and consideration, He wants us to do so in His power. To prepare us for this work, He sometimes uses brokenness. This wouldn’t be our chosen method, but God knows that hardship is sometimes necessary to strip us of our selfish ways.

Do you want to achieve what the Lord has planned for you to do? In humility, ask Him to break any aspect of your life that would prevent it from happening.



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