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In Touch - Sept. 30, 2008

  • 2008 Sep 30

Tuesday September 30, 2008
Using a Wrong Approach

Genesis 3

God has promised to supply our needs, but that means in His way and time frame. There might be temptations to take a wrong approach in fulfilling those needs, so we must be careful not to push ahead of God or follow a route that leads away from Him.

Some people think their security rests in a bank account, prestige, or possessions. That mindset can lead to becoming a workaholic who sacrifices relationships for financial gain. Or it could tempt certain individuals to engage in illegal or unethical activities.  In contrast, by basing our life on the security we have in Christ, we will have peace of mind and heart.

Another unhealthy way to meet our needs involves looking for companionship outside of God’s established boundaries. We may find a momentary thrill in connecting intimately with someone new, but in the end, that road brings pain and disappointment.

The Enemy wants us to provide for ourselves in a way that is independent of God and out of line with His will. Satan deceived Adam and Eve by implying that the Lord was keeping some important information from them; he suggested that his course of action, not the Creator’s, would make them wise. The first man and woman exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and it cost them dearly. When we apply wrong thinking to our situations, we get ourselves into a lot of trouble too.  

It’s important to understand what we have received through our relationship with Jesus. Learning to depend on Him will help us avoid wrong approaches to getting what we need.



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