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In Touch - Sept. 4, 2008

  • 2008 Sep 04

September 4, 2008
The Heart of Our Testimony

1 Corinthians 1:22-24

Testimonies that fail to mention the cross lack power. In our attempt to be “seeker-friendly,” we sometimes try to make the gospel more inviting by softening it. Yet the hard truth is, Jesus Christ died for our sins.

To witness effectively, we must confront unbelievers with their sin-debt and explain that Jesus gave His life to pay it in full. But presenting platitudes is easier than creating a well-planned gospel presentation. For example, the following statement is truthful and pleasing to the ear: “You are saved when you receive Jesus as Savior.” The problem is, it falls short of making known the actual path to salvation. An instructive testimony should contain three follow-up points: a description of who Jesus is, an explanation of God’s only plan of salvation, and what a person must believe and do in order to receive Christ.

Certainly, one can be saved without fully grasping the role of the cross. However, the new believer begins his spiritual journey much wiser if he knows the source of his salvation. Ironically, we’re truly seeker-friendly when we offer a full picture of Christianity rather than a few expressions that are truthful but trite.

Think about the words you use to spread the gospel. Our society is increasingly illiterate, in terms of the Bible. That means the people with whom you have opportunity to share may know little about Jesus—you might be the only person they know with real scriptural knowledge. Pray and then take some time to prepare a message that is instructive and focused on the cross. Then go out and make disciples for Christ!



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