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In Touch - September 21, 2005

  • 2005 Sep 21

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Wednesday September 21, 2005

The Believer's Valley Experiences

Psalms 23


Valley experiences are ones where the heartache is so deep or the hardship so difficult that we find it almost impossible to stand. Like a six-foot wave crashing on the shore, events threaten to overwhelm us.


Realistically, some of these situations will be of our own making. When we choose to disobey God, we can wander into a painful place, made worse by the knowledge that our fellowship with Him has grown cold. (1 John 1:6) At other times, the actions of others cause us to suffer—perhaps through unexpected job termination, marital infidelity, or betrayal by a friend. Then there are occasions when our heavenly Father Himself leads us into the valley. Although He could take us around the time of hardship and suffering, He chooses not to. He has a purpose in mind which would not be fulfilled if we took the easy way. Whatever the source, valley experiences are inevitable.


Psalm 23 uses four words to describe this time: shadows, death, fear, and evil. These terms evoke images of oppressive circumstances, grievous affliction, deep discomfort, and great adversity. There is no way to hurry through the ordeal, which is marked by emotional or physical distress. Both the trial's depth and length are determined by the Lord's will, but He walks with us and protects us through it.


God promises that He will use every valley—even those of our own making—to benefit us. (Romans 8:28) Our part is to walk steadily, with eyes firmly fixed on Him, spirits attuned to His presence, and minds trusting in His promises.


* * *


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