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In Touch - September 6, 2005

  • 2005 Sep 06

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Tuesday September 6, 2005

Working to Full Potential

Matthew 20:25-28


Jesus' life illustrates the way we are to work—through servanthood and submission. (Matthew 20: 25-28) Though He Himself was fully God, Jesus was willing to be under His Father's authority on earth. God the Father was the center of the Son's attention, and all of Jesus' work was done to please Him and do what He asked. (John 5:19)


To labor effectively for the kingdom, we must consider ourselves and our work as being under the Lord's authority. One mistake Christians sometimes make is to separate life into two parts: secular and religious. This is not God's perspective. As our "boss," He has commanded us to have a servantlike attitude in the secular world as well as in ministry. He also tells us to obey those who are over us, and He makes no exceptions for harsh, critical, or unfair leaders. For the entire duration of our employment, we must demonstrate a humble spirit and do our best. Hard, yes. Impossible, no. (Matthew 19:26)


Not only is our work under the Lord's direction, but we are also to act as if it were all being done for Him. Ultimately, it is. Doing our best work means loving and valuing people just as Jesus did, overlooking irritating character traits or displeasing habits, and working as if He were present. The Savior wants us to see beyond the paycheck to the intangible rewards God gives, both now and in heaven. (Matthew 6:19-20)

A submissive attitude toward the Lord and a servantlike spirit toward others will help us make the most out of our work.


* * *


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