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InTouch 01-15-04

  • 2004 Jan 15

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

January 15, 2004
In Touch Daily Devotional


Peace In Times of Trouble
JOHN 14:23-27

Peace in our hearts. But how is that possible when we're continually confronted with man's hatred and violence, with nature's destructive power, and with diseases that kill? How can we be at peace when honesty, loyalty, and everlasting love seem to be disappearing from our relationships?

It's possible because God has promised it. Our heavenly Father tells us not only to seek peace but to pursue it. (Ps 34:14) He intends for us to have it and has prepared the way for us to receive it. Our Savior promises to give us His peace—the same divine peace that enabled Him to live an obedient life. The apostle Paul's life proves that peace can rule in believers' hearts. (Colossians 3:15)

The world's solutions for peace are temporary at best. The world's answers for having tranquility are centered on changing our outward circumstances and doing things ourselves to produce serenity. Those solutions mean that as soon as circumstances change, peace evaporates. Jesus told us the truth, "In this world you will have trouble. . . " (John 16:33 niv).  Peace will elude us when we use the world's ways.

God's peace comes through His Son Jesus. It's not through changed circumstances but through a change in relationship that we can live at peace. We who were estranged from God because of sin have been brought into a relationship with Him through the perfect sacrifice of His Son Jesus. He replaces our guilt with genuine peace.

Is Jesus Christ is your personal Savior? If so, then you're in a relationship with the Prince of Peace. Hallelujah!


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