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InTouch 04-02-04

  • 2004 Apr 02

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

April 2 
In Touch Daily Devotional

Our Eternal Home
John 14:1-3

 The Bible is clear that there are only two places where we may spend eternity. The first is called heaven; the other is known as the lake of fire. Which one sounds more inviting?

 The New Testament contains approximately 200 references to heaven, most of which are from the teachings of Jesus Himself. Obviously, it was important to our Savior; why, then, do we often fail to talk about it ourselves?

 Sadly, one reason is that we simply feel too satisfied here on earth. Maybe we think we have it pretty good - a loving family, a nice home, and a stable job. Among such comfort, it can seem hard to imagine an even better place.

 Other people, however, do not have it so easy here on earth. They are the ones who most easily grasp the concept of heaven. They are the individuals who live their lives in need, nursing the belief that heaven will supply all that they lack.

 You see, it is rarely our desperation that makes it difficult to see our heavenly home; rather, our success is often the greatest obstacle to a desire for heaven - where we belong. We can become so distracted with earthly things that we grow blind to the spiritual reality of eternal life. Why don't we think more about heaven? Quite simply, it is because many of us don't want to go yet!

 What in your life is obstructing your view of your heavenly home? Jesus has gone before us to prepare our eternal dwelling. Don't let anything dim your vision of the excellent future home awaiting you.


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