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Emotional Objections - Jan. 20

  • 2022 Jan 20




Emotional Objections


No one is able to say, "Jesus is Lord," except by the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 14:3).



Dear friends:


Some time ago I was invited to participate in a symposium on artificial intelligence at Yale University.  I was the only known Christian on the agenda.  The rest were either Noble Prize winners because of their achievements, or candidates for such. Some were world famous in science and academia.  It was a very highly educated body of men gathered at this historic university.  


In reaction to my spiritual contribution in which I spoke of God as the creator of the universe and all of us are His creatures, there was tremendous vocal opposition and antagonism.


Later when I was talking with the most prestigious of them all, he showed anger towards me.  He was brutally frank and minced no words, saying, "I hate you Christians.  You're narrow and you're ignorant," and on and on.


At first glance, one might think he had an intellectual problem with my faith; however, I sensed otherwise, as is usually the case.  God has given me much grace on these occasions.  I replied to him, "At some time in your life you must have been hurt.  You must have had an unfortunate experience in your youth for you to feel so strongly against Christians, for which I am very sorry." I knew there was something emotionally causing his reaction.  


When I asked him that question, it was like pricking his balloon.  He just exploded.  He said, "My wife is a Christian and we fight all the time. That's the reason I am so upset with Christians."  This outburst confirmed to me that he had an emotional problem, not an intellectual objection.


As I have worked with the so-called intellegencia through the years, I have come to understand that many of those who claim to be atheists and agnostics and who say they don't believe in God, the Bible or Christianity, are usually victims of some kind of emotional experience in their youth.  Their minds are darkened to spiritual things, with intellectual pride and peer pressure often contributing factors. They don't understand the love and grace of God.  It is only when the individual experiences a new birth in Christ and becomes a new creature that the Word of God and the ways of God are understood and appreciated.


Like all of us, they need the revelation of the Holy Spirit.  Let us pray for the intellectuals in society.  They have great needs and they also have a tremendous influence on young people.



Yours for fulfilling the Great Commission each year until our Lord returns,
Bill Bright

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