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17,000 Lost Wallets - Integrity Moments - August 12

  • 2019 Aug 12

17,000 Lost Wallets

“Science” magazine reported on a study conducted on honesty. Over 17,000 wallets were intentionally reported lost in over 40 different countries. Some of the wallets had no money in them, while others had $13. 

The study revealed that 46% of wallets with no money were returned, but that increased to 61% for those that had $13 in cash! The researchers increased the amount to $100. The return rate increased even more to 72%!

The researchers concluded that people didn’t want to see themselves as a thief. When the wallet had more money, it was harder for them to rationalize keeping the wallet without feeling like a thief.

God in Deuteronomy 5:19 commands, “You shall not steal.”

To the surprise of the researchers, deep in our hearts we know stealing is wrong. 

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