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Scrooge’s Transformation - Integrity Moments - December 24

  • 2018 Dec 24

Scrooge’s Transformation

When my son was young, I watched Muppet’s Christmas Carol more times than I can count. In the movie, Scrooge has a remarkable transformation from a greedy miser to a generous employer.

If you’ve ever been an employer who has had to cover payroll you can probably relate somewhat to Scrooge’s view on Christmas. Scrooge believed being forced to give an employee the day off was like allowing them to pick his pocket. 

The business expenses continue even though the employees are not producing any revenue for the day.

Luke 6:38 teaches, “Give, and it will be given to you.” 

Without faith, it’s understandable how an employer could struggle with paid holidays. It takes faith to believe the paradox: if you give it will be given to you.

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