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Integrity Moments - Feb. 1, 2012

  • 2012 Feb 01


Accountability in Action
By: Rick Boxx
February 1, 2012

You will not find the word “accountability” in the Bible, yet the concept is pervasive throughout. In Genesis 2, God held Adam and Eve accountable when they violated his command to not eat from the tree of good and evil.

Had God chosen, instead, to be a permissive parent it would have likely led to even more chaos and wickedness, as Adam and Eve would have began believing they were gods.

Hebrews 12 teaches, “Do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor faint when you are reproved by Him; for those whom the Lord loves He disciplines.”

In our workplaces we can hold others accountable, or be permissive. One leads to peace and order, while the other leads to chaos and disorder. Which will you choose today?

This book details how to begin the process of being accountable to one another. It’s a practical tool for helping people who desire to have character and integrity. Purchase Character That Counts here. 

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