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Integrity Moments - February 29, 2016

  • 2016 Feb 29


A Difficult Dilemma
By:Rick Boxx
February 29, 2016

Recently, we moved to a different home. In the interim we waited several days for cable to be installed.

Meanwhile, there was a TV show that Kathy and I enjoy watching. Due to some research and resourcefulness, within an hour, we had an antennae and a TV set up with 41 free channels!

In 2 Kings 4 Elisha was approached by a widow about to lose her sons to debtor’s prison. Elisha said, “Tell me, what do you have in the house?” And she said, “Your maidservant has nothing in the house except a jar of oil.”

Elisha creatively told her to gather jars from her neighbors and begin pouring oil, trusting God for the rest.

When faced with difficult dilemmas, examine what God has already provided and add some research, thoughtfulness, and resourcefulness.

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