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Integrity Moments - July 17, 2012

  • 2012 Jul 17



Disastrous Deception
By: Rick Boxx
July 17, 2012

According to a survey referenced in the Wall Street Journal, 34% of people questioned said they had lied to their spouse about finances within the last year. Since money is one of the most common reasons for divorce, adding deception to the equation is foolish!

There are many different emotional reasons that drive the deception, like a lost job that leaves someone feeling as if they won’t be able to provide for their family, or business decisions that your spouse wouldn’t agree with. Nevertheless, transparency is always better than having your spouse’s trust violated.

Proverbs 14:8 teaches, “The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception."

If you desire to have a healthy relationship with your spouse, begin with the truth.

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