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Artificial Intelligence Ethics - Integrity Moments - June 11

  • 2018 Jun 11

Artificial Intelligence Ethics

After years of research, Google recently released the “Duplex” feature of their Google Assistant. This new product has caused many journalists to express ethical concerns.

The video of Google’s initial demonstration revealed how Duplex can call businesses with a human sounding voice and schedule appointments. Duplex deceived people by not disclosing it was a robot.

The future of artificial intelligence will be built on the ethics of the developers, which is concerning.

Proverbs 24:14 says, “Know that wisdom is thus for your soul; If you find it, then there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.”

Robots do nothave souls and cannot fear God or have His wisdom. Artificial intelligence can add tremendous value to the workplace, if we get the ethics right.

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