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Integrity Moments - June 24, 2013

  • 2013 Jun 24


Conviction and Commitment
By: Rick Boxx
June 24, 2013

In 2 Kings 22, King Josiah’s servant found the Book of the Law. After it was read to him, Josiah realized that the wickedness of the past kings still permeated the culture of Judah.

Josiah wisely knew the people of Judah needed to be convicted of their sin and re-committed to God. He gathered the people, taught and explained the Book of the Law, then he sought their commitment to follow God’s commands.

In 2 Kings 23:3, Josiah personally made a covenant with God, pledging to obey God with all his heart and soul. “Then all the people pledged themselves to the covenant.”

If you need significant changes made in your workplace, provide your people with adequate information, show your sincere commitment, and then ask for their commitment to the changes.

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