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Integrity Moments - June 8, 2016

  • 2016 Jun 08


A HARD Leader - Part II
By:Rick Boxx
June 8, 2016

This week we are talking about Moses and his great leadership qualities using the acronym HARD. The first attribute was being Humble. Today we will discuss being Approachable.

Many years ago I worked for a bank that brought in a new CEO. At first he met and listened to the concerns and thoughts of all levels of the staff.

Eventually, he surrounded himself with a small executive team who isolated him from others. He became unapproachable and out-of-touch.

Moses eventually delegated authority as well, but, he remained open for the people to bring their grievances to him.

Exodus 18:16 says, “The difficult cases they brought to Moses, but the simple ones they decided themselves.”

Don’t be afraid to delegate authority, but always remain approachable to all members of your team.

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