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Stop While You Are Ahead - Integrity Moments - March 28

  • 2019 Mar 28

Stop While You Are Ahead

As a young loan officer, I was presenting a difficult loan proposal to the bank’s loan committee. During my presentation, the bank’s CEO pronounced my deal as approved, but I continued promoting the loan. 

Our Chief Lending Officer said, “Your loan’s approved! I recommend you quit talking before we change our minds.”

In Genesis 24, Abraham’s servant experienced success when he convinced Rebekah to go with him to marry Isaac. But Rebekah’s family wanted Rebekah to stay home for 10 additional days. 

In verse 56, the servant replied, “Do not detain me, now that the Lord has granted success to my journey.”

The servant didn’t want victory to turn to defeat. There are times when you’ve achieved your goal and need to accept success, before they change their mind.

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