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Lessons Learned as a Juror Part II - Integrity Moments - May 21

  • 2018 May 21

Lessons Learned as a Juror Part II

Recently, I spent three days serving as a juror on a personal injury case. There were many lessons learned that I would like to share.

One lesson I learned is that justice doesn’t always prevail in the courtroom. My naïve belief going into jury deliberations was that twelve reasonable people would come out with a fair and impartial verdict. That didn’t happen.

Despite my passionate objections, the jury awarded the plaintiff less money than even the defending attorney believed was due, leaving the plaintiff financially wronged.

Ecclesiastes 5:8 teaches, “If you see the poor oppressed in a district, and justice and rights denied, do not be surprised at such things.”

As Christians in the workplace, we should be purveyors of justice, but don’t be surprised when the world disappoints you.

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