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Integrity Moments - Nov. 12, 2013

  • 2013 Nov 12



Searching for Purpose
By: Rick Boxx
November 12, 2013

Research from the Barna Group reveals that only 34% of Christians feel “called” to their current vocation. In order for excellence to be maximized in our work, I believe that understanding our “calling” or purpose is crucial.

When people know they are doing the work that God designed them to do, they have a greater likelihood of excelling in that work. This adds value to their employer. Employee engagement can soar when an employee is doing a job they love to do, and one that God has called them to do.

Proverbs 20:5 teaches, “The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.”

If you’re an employer who desires a deeper level of employee engagement, help your people discover their God-given purpose.

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