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After the Last Tear Falls

  • 2011 Jan 24

Today the shuffle landed on one of my favorite Christian artists, Andrew Peterson. The iPod landed on a haunting and beautiful song called "After the Last Tear Falls". Andrew Peterson has filled part of the void that I felt when Rich Mullins was tragically killed several years ago. His ability to use the power of music to portray truth is reminiscent of Mullins. Here are some lyrics from today's song.

After the last tear falls
After the last secrets told
After the last bullet tears through flesh and bone
After the last child starves
And the last girl walks the boulevard
After the last year that's just too hard

There is love
Love, love, love
There is love
Love, love, love
There is love

Andrew Peterson gives me a powerful reminder that in this fallen world, full of sin and pain, there is a love that can save me. He recognizes that trouble will not escape followers of Jesus. In the midst of our cancer journey Joni and I felt His love. That love and grace should be my focus as I navigate this crazy and confusing world.

After the last disgrace
After the last lie to save some face
After the last brutal jab from a poison tongue
After the last dirty politician
After the last meal down at the mission
After the last lonely night in prison

There is love
Love, love, love
There is love
Love, love, love
There is love

Satan tells me there can be no love from a God that allows such pain. The truth is that I am God's hands and feet to reach out to a wounded world. If everyone who has claimed the name of Christ got serious about doing something tangible we would make a real difference. Would such a concerted effort eliminate all pain and suffering? Of course not. But the body of Christ could make an incredible difference by practicing sacrificial living, giving and service. There is love. We need to reflect that love. The body of Christ needs to focus on what unites us instead of what divides us. I am sick of the petty crap (nonsense for spiritual hall monitors) that derails us from loving one another.

And in the end, the end is
Oceans and oceans
Of love and love again
We'll see how the tears that have fallen
Were caught in the palms
Of the Giver of love and the Lover of all
And we'll look back on these tears as old tales

Andrew Peterson's message is powerful. Someday we will see how God worked in the ugly fallenness of this planet to accomplish His purpose. I once heard a pastor say that he expected to spend the early part of eternity walking around heaven making comments like these.

"Oh, I get it now.'
"Now I see how God was working."
"I understand why that happened now."

In the end, there is love. Sometimes I fear my actions don't reflect that I really believe that with complete certainty. That is why I am grateful for the trials. David wrote these words in Psalm 18.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted;
      he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. (NLT)

The good times are fun. But only the hard times slowly mold me a very tiny bit more like His image. In those really hard times I truly realize that there is love. And that love is always available. Brokenness causes me to quit trusting in me and start trusting in God. And then something amazing happens.

Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. (Philipians 4, NLT)



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