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Leaves of Life - July 17

  • 2019 Jul 17


  • Dr. Isaac Watts born 1674.
  • Charlotte Corday guillotined 1793.
  • Paul Delaroche born 1797.
  • J. A. McNeil Whistler died 1903.

So frail is the youth and beauty of men,
Though they bloom and look gay like the rose;
But all our fond cares to preserve them is vain,
Time kills them as fast as he goes.
Then I'll not be proud of my youth nor my beauty,
Since both of them wither and fade;
But gain a good name by well doing my duty;
For this will scent like the rose when I'm dead.
—Isaac Watts.

Onward, onward may we press
Through the path of duty;
Virtue is true happiness,
Excellence true beauty;
Minds are of supernal birth,
Let us make a heaven of earth.
—James Montgomery.

All things therefore whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, even so do ye also unto them.
—Matthew 7. 12.

My Lord and my strength, I pray that I may possess that expectancy which comes in joyous hope and have the endurance that is controlled by courage and energy. Grant in the future that I may be less concerned about my living and more anxious for what I make of my life. Amen.

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