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Leaves of Life - October 8

  • 2019 Oct 08


  • Caroline Howard Gilman born 1794.
  • Edmund Clarence Stedman born 1833.
  • John Hay born 1838.

He weren't no saint; them engineers

Is pretty much alike—

One wife in Natchez-under-the-Hill,

Another one here in Pike;

A keerless man in his talk was Jim,

And an awkward hand in a row,

But he never flunked, and he never lied—

I reckon he never knowed how.

—John Hay.

He is brave whose tongue is silent

Of the trophies of his word.

He is great whose quiet bearing

Marks his greatness well assured.

—Edwin Arnold.


The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as the rest of men. 

—Luke 18. 11.


Lord God, thou knowest what I am and where I belong. Have mercy upon me and strengthen me, that I may not through weakness stay in the darkness. Lead me out into the light; and may I find my way and be contented with it. Amen.

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