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Living Love - Week of April 6

  • 2022 Apr 06

Be Still 

Be still, and know that I am God. 
Psalms 46:10

Having a quiet, patient spirit throughout the day is countercultural in our harried world, but its effects can be life changing for us as well as for others. People notice when we are patient with strangers in line, with our kids at the park, and with our co-workers in meetings, because it is so much more common to show impatience. A patient stillness in attitude, words, and behavior, even in the midst of stress, always stands out.

Author Eugene Peterson reminds us how this kind of radical patience allows room for us to grow closer to others:"When we are noisy and when we are hurried, we are incapable of intimacy—deep, complex, personal relationships." While an anxious spirit on our part makes others feel more rushed and frustrated, a quiet spirit is likely to calm those around us, making loving interactions more possible. So not only does a patient spirit still the noise of the world so we can enjoy deeper peace, it also helps to still the noise in others' lives so we can enjoy one another more fully.

Action Step 

When you feel yourself getting anxious or rushed during the day, remember the words "Be still," and focus on having a peaceful spirit instead of a harried one.

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