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New Life Daily Devotion - August 19, 2011

  • 2011 Aug 19


Keeping Up with the Joneses?
Wherever your treasure is,
there your heart and thoughts will also be.
Luke 12:34 NLT

As a member-in-good-standing in this highly competitive, 21st-century world, you know that the demands and expectations of everyday living can seem burdensome, even overwhelming at times. Keeping up with the Joneses can become a fulltime job if you let it. A better strategy, of course, is to stop trying to please the neighbors and to concentrate, instead, upon pleasing God.

Perhaps you have set your goals high; if so, congratulations! You’re willing to dream big dreams, and that’s a very good thing. But as you consider your life’s purpose, don’t allow your quest for excellence to interfere with the spiritual journey that God has planned for you.

As a believer, your instructions are clear: you must strive to please God. How do you please Him? By accepting His Son and obeying His commandments. All other concerns—including, but not limited to, keeping up with the Joneses—are of little or no importance.

For better or worse, you will eventually become more and more like the people you associate with. So why not associate with people who make you better, not worse? - Marie T. Freeman

True friends will always lift you higher and challenge you to walk in a manner pleasing to our Lord. - Lisa Bevere

We, as God’s people, are not only to stay far away from sin and sinners who would entice us, but we are to be so like our God that we mourn over sin. - Kay Arthur

You will get untold flak for prioritizing God’s revealed and present will for your life over man’s . . . but, boy, is it worth it. - Beth Moore

Today’s Prayer
Dear Lord, other people may encourage me to stray from Your path, but I wish to follow in the footsteps of Your Son. Give me the vision to see the right path—and the wisdom to follow it—today and every day of my life. Amen


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