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New Life Daily Devotion - June 2, 2009

  • 2009 Jun 02

No Problems Are Too Big for God 

Is anything too hard for the LORD? 
Genesis 18:14 KJV

Here’s a riddle: What is it that is too unimportant to pray about yet too big for God to handle? The answer, of course, is: “nothing.” Yet sometimes, when the challenges of the day seem overwhelming, we may spend more time worrying about our troubles than praying about them. And, we may spend more time fretting about our problems than solving them. A far better strategy, of course, is to pray as if everything depended entirely upon God and to work as if everything depended entirely upon us.

Life is an exercise in problem-solving. The question is not whether we will encounter problems; the real question is how we will choose to address them. When it comes to solving the problems of everyday living, we often know precisely what needs to be done, but we may be slow in doing it—especially if what needs to be done is difficult or uncomfortable for us. So we put off till tomorrow what should be done today.

The words of Psalm 34 remind us that the Lord solves problems for “people who do what is right.” And usually, “doing what is right” means doing the uncomfortable work of confronting our problems sooner rather than later. So with no further ado, let the problem-solving begin.

The grace of God is sufficient for all our needs, for every problem and for every difficulty, for every broken heart, and for every human sorrow. 
Peter Marshall

Trial and triumph are what God uses to scribble all over the pages of our lives. They are signs that He is using us, loving us, shaping us to His image, enjoying our companionship, delivering us from evil, and writing eternity into our hearts. 
Barbara Johnson

No matter how heavy the burden, daily strength is given, so I expect we need not give ourselves any concern as to what the outcome will be. We must simply go forward. 
Annie Armstrong

Measure the size of the obstacles against the size of God. 
Beth Moore

Today’s Prayer

Lord, sometimes my problems are simply too big for me, but they are never too big for You. Let me turn my troubles over to You, Lord, and let me trust in You today and for all eternity. Amen 


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