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New Life Daily Devotion - Nov. 7, 2009

  • 2009 Nov 07

In His Hands

Don't brashly announce what you're going to do tomorrow;
you don't know the first thing about tomorrow. 

Proverbs 27:1 MSG

Our world unfolds according to God's plans, not our wishes. Thus, boasting about future events is to be avoided by those who acknowledge God's sovereignty over all things. The old saying is both familiar and true: "Man proposes and God disposes."

Are you planning for a better tomorrow for yourself and your family? If so, you are to be congratulated: God rewards forethought in the same way that He often punishes impulsiveness. But as you make your plans, do so with humility, with gratitude, and with trust in your Heavenly Father. His hand directs the future; to think otherwise is both arrogant and naïve.

Our future may look fearfully intimidating, yet we can look up to the Engineer of the Universe, confident that nothing escapes His attention or slips out of the control of those strong hands.
Elisabeth Elliot 

Hoping for a good future without investing in today is like a farmer waiting for a crop without ever planting any seed.
John Maxwell

Tomorrow's history has already been written—at the name of Jesus every knee must bow.
Paul E. Kauffman

That we may not complain of what is, let us see God's hand in all events; and, that we may not be afraid of what shall be, let us see all events in God's hand.
Matthew Henry

Today's Prayer

Dear Lord, as I look to the future, I will place my trust in You. If I become discouraged, I will turn to You. If I am weak, I will seek strength in You. You are my Father, and I will place my hope, my trust, and my faith in You. Amen 


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