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Night Whispers - January 30

  • 2020 Jan 30

Night Whispers Devotional

January 30th

Dream word – MALE

Job 40:7

“Now prepare yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer Me,” NKJV

Of milksop men & weeping women

I’ve been doing it again, you know, going to church and looking at all the ladies. I mostly count all the ladies heads in the church when the sermon is predominantly boring, so that’s just about every Sunday! From church to church in the West, the percentage figures rarely change for my count, with the local gathering consisting of around 60-70% women, all mostly 50 years of age and up. Women leading, women decorating, women baking, women making at all happen. Thank God for women eh?

The church has become very feminine in its makeup and the men that do attend, though they aren’t necessarily effeminate themselves, have maybe as David Murrow author of Why Men Hate Going To Church has put it, “Become used to it!” Used to it indeed! In this year of our Lord, 2008, for the first time ever, more women than men were ordained in the Anglican church. Indeed, as I make these observations, I am looking for a ministerial position myself, I have already withdrawn my name from three large churches having discovered that they have (completely contrary to the Scriptures) quietly set aside women as elders and preachers in their church. This rampant speeding up of the feminisation of the local church is an important fact to be known because already, men in their millions are just  not going to church because of it, and over 90% of boys brought up in the church today, will leave it as soon as they can and never return again! Spurgeon may have remarked that, “There has got abroad a notion, somehow, that if you become a Christian you must sink your manliness and turn milksop,” and unfortunately folks, that perception is obviously correct because many men don’t go to church at all and the reason for that is often this, “they have already been!”

The writer David Murrow makes a proposal that men are already pursuing a religion outside of church and it is called masculinity. Now especially in this most thoroughly feminised society of ours, I most certainly believe that to be the case. Those men that want to hang on to their manhood will always avoid places of feminine control. It’s just a fact. That being the case, we really do have to pump some Holy testosterone back into the church.

However, there is an even more pressing pastoral problem which we have to attend. It is a problem which I have seen on quite a few occasions now and it troubles me greatly, because good men are either getting sick within the church or leaving the church bitter, hurt and disappointed. You see, the longer men remain in a feminised politically correct church the more spiritually aware they become that they have sacrificed their manhood. They have lost themselves. They have become a very nice man but a very nice milksop man and in their deepest heart of hearts, they despise themselves. When this despising of self finally comes out, it’s often in a sideways manner and usually expresses itself at some level in anger and even hatred, both towards Christ and his church.

In answer to this then, I would say three things tonight.

First, if people don’t like you expressing your manhood, then that’s their decision. Let them live with it. Be who you are and ask Christ to help you live the life of the man He died for. In the end, you must as a man, be able to live with yourself in true respect.

Secondly, the church and especially my sisters in the church must begin to welcome and embrace true Biblical manhood back into the local church. Unless this manhood is mourned for, longed for even, then you may never see it again, and the church will become very simply, a ladies club, even a gay ladies club.

Thirdly, the church and especially the male leaders in the church must begin to count the cost of both reclaiming their own manhood and making the church a more masculine place to be and that’s not just at a Saturday morning men’s breakfast, down the local pub. Think about it.

Meanwhile that quiet weeping you hear in the church comes from the dwindling remains of godly, strong and beautiful ladies, who whilst remaining faithful to Jesus just cannot find a strong man to marry and will not settle for a wimp. Very sad.

Listen: As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.” - Isaiah 3:12a NKJV

Pray: Help the male leaders of the church to stand fast in the faith, quit them like men to be strong, in the mighty and manly name of Jesus we pray, amen.

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