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Night Whispers - January 31

  • 2020 Jan 31

Night Whispers Devotional

January 31st

Dream word – OBEY

Isaiah 1:18

“‘Come now, and let us reason together,’ says the Lord, ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.’” NKJV

There were only fish fingers until along came Hans!

In the ages to come, in eternity, one of the things my wife wishes to do is to fly amongst the stars. Ever since I sat in front of the first few episodes of Star Trek, I have wanted to do the same but in the intergalactic comfort of a star ship of course! My wife though, wants to fly “skyclad” on her travels, sweeping and zooming in and out of amber asteroid belts, big red dwarfs, and sparkling suns of every sort. My only objection is, “Baby, it’s cold outside!” I tell you tonight, God did not create me for cold climates. “Brrrr. Hate that cold.”

Space is cold, indeed, even at the edges of our own solar system, the largely unchecked out Trans-Neptunian area,  which has yielded our tenth planet, or second Dwarf Planet, depending on how those who designate have thus far designated, is very cold indeed! Here the newly discovered entity sits naked, floating silently in the icy cold depths of black, black space. I wouldn’t want to fly there that’s for sure. “Brrrr. Hate that cold.”

Sedan, this second Dwarf Planet at our own solar systems outer edges, is in fact named after the Inuit or Eskimo, depending on how those who designate have thus far designated, goddess of the sea. Apparently, in the Inuit mythology of creation the creator God was so displeased with his daughter, (who by the way, was turning into a big, ugly, fat pig of a woman after eating everything in sight, including portions of the creator God himself, ) that he slung her out of his Kayak! When she tried to get back in, he chopped off her fingers one by one, which in turn turned into seals and whales and other creatures of the deep. Now that’s what I call fish fingers! Anyway, that cold icy second Dwarf planet, is named after her and knowing that fact, I definitely would not want to fly there. “Brrrr. Hate that cold.”

The Inuit goddess of the sea may be located in the watery underworld of the deep, but the Inuit peoples are spread pretty widely across the land, even down to Greenland, which I personally think is a most unfortunate name for a country which is predominantly sub polar in climate and covered in ice! I wouldn’t want to go to Greenland either. “Brrrr. Hate that cold.”

Hans Egede was born today in Norway in 1686. He became a Norwegian Lutheran Minister and because of his sacrificial efforts among the Inuit peoples, he later became known as the “Apostle to Greenland”. Indeed, he also founded the city of “Good Hope,” or “Godthab,” or now as it is known, “Nuuk,” which actually became the capital city of Greenland.

The problems Egede encountered whilst trying to do his missionary work were enormous, not least those of his own character! Apparently a “head down, cold nosed man” he had steeled himself for both his calling and the cold. This was no two week short term holiday and sightseeing mission he was on, no sir, he could lose his life in Greenland and the lives of the forty Christian settlers that went with him and he knew it! They may have had the command of both The Heavenly King and their own earthly king but this mission could cost him everything. No wonder he was so serious! Some one has commented that “Hans tended to be harsh and overbearing and though he dearly loved the people, like many other Christians, he did not know how to express this in human terms!” An icy Christian, in an icy world. “Brrrr. Hate that cold.”

The great thaw of hearts came, I am afraid, on the back of an Old World disease called smallpox. In most of the New World, the population would be almost totally wiped out by contact with any European carrying viral diseases from the Old World, whether they were Missionaries, explorers, whalers, traders, or whatever. Accidental genocide is one thing, however it was only the British who deliberately used smallpox as a biological weapon against native American Indians, but that’s another grey story, for another cold grey day. “Brrrr. Hate that cold.”

In this case, Egede, did not bring the disease to the Inuit of Greenland, but he did stay with the diseased people and refused to leave them, caring for them as they fell, leading them as best he could into the arms of Jesus. Egede’s wife Gertrude, so expended herself in doing this, that she died of exhaustion shortly thereafter.

Egede’s son Paul, raised among the Inuit, took over the work from his father, mastered the language, completed the translation of the New Testament, and later saw many folks come to know the Lord. His father was ecstatic to see him reap, where he had formerly and so sacrificially sown.

Tonight is about sacrifice, focus and persistence. Tonight is about flying amongst the cold, cold stars at the outer edges of our own solar system, yes the cold and very costly, outer edges of known civilisation. Would you fly there at the command of your King? Tell me would you? It’s worth thinking about.

“Brrrr. Hate that cold.”

Listen: So Samuel said: ‘Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rams.’” 1 Samuel 15:22 NKJV

Pray: Lord, whether it be hot or cold, hard or soft, North or South, East or West, please Lord, help me to obey You fully concerning Your command to me. Amen.

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