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Night Whispers - July 5

  • 2020 Jul 05

Night Whispers Devotional

July 5th

Dream word – LIGHT

Exodus 10:21

“Then the LORD said to Moses, ‘Stretch out your hand toward heaven, that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, darkness which may even be felt.’” NKJV

Cleansing The Corners

I grew up with a great fear of the darkness. As a young boy, up until the age of eleven, I lived in a house which I was convinced was haunted. I still remain somewhat convinced.

A combination of strange dreams, white, blue balled lightening appearing and disappearing through the wall on a very stormy night, a consistent malevolent and shadowy apparition in the hallway, the feeling of something hidden in the wardrobe or lurking menacingly underneath my bed and the truly felt clawed scratching on the souls of my feet, all led many times to screaming tears of terror and the desperate running from my place of unrest, to that of my parents bed in the middle of the night. I hated that house and greatly feared the coming on of night.

Since then, I have always been aware of shadows, of ill-lit corners and the seeming darkness lurking therein. It is as though the night and absence of light gives a doorway if you will, an opportunity even, for malevolence to manifest itself and then wait for the shadows to lengthen, so as to finally grab you, envelope you and drag you down to tortuous hell. In my mind, even today, doors and corners, entrance ways and the cornered gathering points of protective walls, all need my special attention, especially when it’s dark.

My earthly father spoke to my tears from his own observational pain when he often tried to quiet my haunted shaking, saying, “Son the dead can’t hurt you, only the living.” It is not true of course but that’s for another day. His point then however, was that there was nothing hidden in the shadows that was not living and breathing that could possibly do me harm. Like I said, it is just not true. Suffice to say, that in the seen and unseen worlds, in the physical and the metaphysical, in the material and the spiritual realms, there is often the need for the reclaiming and cleansing of a space that has been cracked and contaminated by a dark intrusion into our space-time that is indeed, make no mistake about it, out to hurt you.

Friend, there are rooms in your spiritual house that are possessed by darkness and when that place is the place where you seek rest, is the place where you seek renewal, is the place where healing should happen, is the place where a conduit should open up to heaven and the angels of God should be seen to ascend and descend with messages from the throne, filling your dreams with morning manna, but the long shadows of darkness now intrude upon it, then great is the trouble in the bed of your heart and great is your fear in the hungry night! For what should be a place of safety and blessing to you, has become a place of watchful tension, a place where the teeth of your soul are set on edge, where your soft souls are taunted and scratched by the toe nailed claws of a beast unseen. Yes, your inner sanctum has now become a place of expectant fear in the valley of the shadow of death. So tell me, the place where you sleep tonight, each night, is it a place of blessing for you? Or, is your inner self mosthaunted there?

It’s time to anoint your dark corners and to say to them, “Let there be light.”It’s time to halt the swampy pooled gathering of dribbling darkness accumulating in your corners and to do this by always bathing them in warm, life coloured light. It’s time to make no place, to make no space for the gathering of darkness. As well as this, it is also time to make all your doorways clean, even to anoint your entrance steps with Holy oil so that those that seeking access whilst carrying a blessing, are met with a warm welcome and a strong amen! Yes, it is also time to protect your doorways, especially against those who might seek to carry through them any false thing, any dark word and deposit it especially into your holy, inner chamber. Yes to those curse carrying beings, may a hard halting hit their forehead and may rebound curses debar them from access through your doors! Make sure your doorways are covered in the blood, anointed with the oil.

I have seen entire cities enveloped in felt the darkness. Yes, I have stood above a city, on the top of watching of hills and seen the darkness cloak it like a choking smog. Felt darkness is a terrible thing. If a land and its cities can be covered with such felt nastiness dear friend, then how much more the comparatively tiny inner sanctum of your heart and home?

Tonight, if you are plagued by a fearful and felt darkness then you have gotten both problems and places that need your good attention. Indeed, you have problems and places that need a shining light, that need the shining light Himself. Take Jesus to your corners and light them in all conquering, reclaiming love. Let the Word dwell there in all His fullness.

Listen: By the way of the sea, beyond the Jordan, in Galilee of the Gentiles. The people who walked in darkness Have seen a great light; those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a light has shined.” Isa 9:1-2 NKJV

Pray: When You arrive O Lord, angels sing “Glory!” When you arrive O Lord, golden gifts of anointing and sweet smelling savour are brought by kings from the land of day break. When you arrive O Lord, darkness flees away, healings happen, peace is restored, life and renewal, hope and resurrection all follow hard on the souls of Your mighty stepping feet. O Lord, I give you this dwelling place tonight, this holy bed, this inner sanctum of both my head and of my heart and ask that Your light be ever present here. O Lord, teach me in the morning how to sweep and clean, how to wash and cleanse, how to open and how to close, in Your great name I ask it, amen!

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