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Night Whispers - June 7

  • 2020 Jun 07

Night Whispers Devotional

June 7th

Dream word – CHOOSE

2 Samuel 17:17-20

 “Now Jonathan and Ahimaaz stayed at En Rogel, for they dared not be seen coming into the city; so a female servant would come and tell them, and they would go and tell King David. Nevertheless a lad saw them, and told Absalom. But both of them went away quickly and came to a man's house in Bahurim, who had a well in his court; and they went down into it. Then the woman took and spread a covering over the well's mouth, and spread ground grain on it; and the thing was not known. And when Absalom's servants came to the woman at the house, they said, ‘Where are Ahimaaz and Jonathan?’ So the woman said to them, ‘They have gone over the water brook.’ And when they had searched and could not find them, they returned to Jerusalem.”

Another woman – another well

You will agree that our text for tonight runs in some respects in parallel with the story of Rahab in the book of Joshua. Two of the well known runners of David the King are spotted by the civil war enemy and take refuge in an unnamed house and are hidden and protected by an unnamed woman. When asked a direct question by the soldiers of Absolom the usurper she lies, she deceives them and then diverts them away from their quarry. Make no mistake about it, this unnamed woman, drawn unwillingly onto centre stage of this civil war conflict, saves the men, saves the day and saves King David, and his Kingdom. Some might extrapolate further in saying that this unnamed woman saved the messianic line, thus making way for the coming Messiah, the Saviour of the world. It is only in nice middle class front rooms and respectable religious pulpits where such “lying” is hissed at. David’s men praised her for these lies! Absolom’s men cursed her for them, and died. 

Life is messy. Living righteously is messy, costly, bloody. Decisions we have to make, many of which are thrust upon us, many we wish we did not have to make, have enormous consequences attached to them. That unknown woman got up that morning to make some flour, to bake some bread and ended up saving Israel before she went to bed. Imagine that!

We live this Christian life in an already running reel, a story that flickers wildly on the walls of eternity, each frame scratched and grazed, browned by the sin of a fallen humanity and always containing the dark shadow of the black topped hat, waxed moustache villain of Satan himself. Our biggest surprise whilst watching this story play itself out, is all of a sudden to find ourselves in the scene, cast centre stage, the whole plot seemingly  pinned upon just what we shall do next? Now that’s frightening! When it happens to you, whatever you choose to do next, despite the mess, despite the machinations of your heart, always choose for King Jesus and may you always protect His Royal runners.

Listen: “Now it came to pass, after they had departed, that they came up out of the well and went and told King David, and said to David, ‘Arise and cross over the water quickly. For thus has Ahithophel advised against you.’ So David and all the people who were with him arose and crossed over the Jordan. By morning light not one of them was left who had not gone over the Jordan.” - 2 Samuel 17:17-20 NKJV 

Pray: Lord, when I am centre stage, saving the Kings runners and all the Kings men, grant me a poker face and good lies. In Jesus name I ask it, amen. 

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