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Night Whispers - June 9

  • 2020 Jun 09

Night Whispers Devotional

June 09th

Dream word – BABYLON

Revelation 17:1-2

“Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me, ‘Come, I will show you the judgement of the great harlot who sits on many waters, with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.’” NKJV

Baby got Babylon

In 2008 whilst walking down the cool streets of little London, full of sashaying women with Sacral Chakra tattoos curled on their flesh in Celtic-Klingon style, all with bared browned mid-rift, and pierced belly buttons touting silver studded birth stones, highlighting hipsters, all hanging precariously just above their pubic mound, it caught my attention regarding the vast number of them that also seemed to be wearing leather belts with the words “Jesus loves you” emblazoned on them in studded silver! Upon investigation, it seems that London’s Spitalfields “All Saints” fashion designers, had given Jesus some popular “street cred” amongst folks who neither knew anything about Him nor cared. All they had hanging from their anorexic hips was an anorexic religious phrase, whose only value was a fashion titter that even Tetzel would have refused to utilise! Something meaningless, something quaint, something from a bygone age. While looking at this, (the belts I mean) it got me thinking just how good a job the devil had done in reducing the message of the Gospel to the equivalent of a smelly little low level flatulent emission, and how dastardly complicit the church had been in helping him.

If I was thinking positively tonight I would probably comment on the wonderful opportunity we have in walking up to said ladies, blokes and those who aren’t quite gender sure and saying, “Hey, Jesus does love you! Let me tell you how!” However, I think in this day and age, you could get maced, thumped, arrested for sexual harassment, or picked up by a “tranny”. Yes, you need wisdom when you’re evangelising in the early twentieth first century, that’s for sure.

When the church has so devalued the central core of the Gospel, the love of God in Christ Jesus, that a company called All Saints can take it and market it as a fashion accessory, then my oh my, I reckon all the old saints will be turning in their graves! Yet, we have only ourselves to blame, for even now we are offering Christ as a life fashion accessory, a daily supplement to make you feel good, a way to achieve your dreams, the means to discover God’s great plan for you, (prosperity guaranteed for sure.) Good grief my friends, even as I write, I know of two hip postmodern youth endeavours coming out with their own brand of Gospel clothing! Of course in sarcastic answer to such crass Christian marketing, the “What Would Jesus Do” thong is already available on line and let’s not scowl, for it is we, the church, who have brought the Gospel down to this consumerism, for we have created a religious industry with more crass and shallowness than the world would ever stoop to. New Testa-Mint candy on sale in Christian bookshops with all the other tut! I mean for goodness sake!

If you need a lapel pin to proclaim the Gospel, a rubber bracelet to bind you to His cross, New Testa-mints to make your breath smell nice and a whole bunch of other crap to keep you on track, then my friend, get the hell out of it and get out fast, because all you have done is bought into the religious industry and the 1st church of Ichabod that empowers the whole great Laodicean machine. I tell you, you are probably still lost and getting more lost by the minute, because all this whore will do is take your 10% as a down payment, then fleece you for the rest of your days. Strong words, but true words. Strong words, but necessary ones, for  hundreds of thousands are being converted to Christian culture instead of being converted to Christ and every day as a Pastor, I deal with the aftermath, the returned goods of disappointed buyers.

Christ, His forgiveness. Christ, His presence. Christ, His power. Have you got Him? Have you got them? Nothing else matters.

Listen: So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written: mystery, babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth. I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement.” NKJV.

Pray: Lord, strip me bare! Take away all my accessories to the Gospel and just give me the real deal. In Jesus name I ask it, because I believe He loves me. Amen!

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