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Night Whispers - May 17

  • 2020 May 17

Night Whispers Devotional

May 17th

Dream word – BELIEVE

Proverbs 26:14

“As a door turns on its hinges, so does the lazy man on his bed.” NKJV

On bringing dreams down to the earth

I want you to imagine that you are gazing up into the twinkled starred, deep blue, soft white, moon hazed, night sky. It is cloudless and there, seemingly floating among the stars, slowly twirling helplessly, like an abandoned space ship on the soft high seas of space, lies your dream. It’s beautiful. Sometimes, you take your friends outside and get them to look at it with you, as you point upwards and beyond saying, “There, do you see it? Ah, one day, I would love to climb in the cockpit of that baby and bring it on home.” Then, as your neck hurts with the gazing and the vast distance between you and your dream never closes, you look down into your wine glass, held in your sluggish left hand and say, “Yeah, one day.” And your friend just smiles, because he knows, and so do you, that you will never fly that ship of dreams, and it will remain floating about in your mind’s eye, unmanned and directionless forever. Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, it’s magnificent, but it’s just a dream amidst the midnight stars, for love without legs is alone. Love without legs, can never fertilise the eggs of desire. You see, for dreams to land, they need working much more than they do talking.

The sunlight and the clouds and the demands of the day all have the tendency to diminish the dream, even erase it from our memories for a good deal of the time, but in some people, the very picture of that ship of dreams just will not go away and despite all the disdain of their ignoring it, the dream begins to become less of a retinal image and more the beginnings of a pain in the heart, for love ignored has now, you see, begun  to grow some legs, and with the legs, following hard on after them, comes a growing and noisy  deep desire, which, armed with the thought of consummation, yes, empowered with the single thought of making babies and giving birth to the dreams, even this dream much seen and longed for, it comes with lusty embrace and the piercing pain of this desire, forces itself again and again, into the forefront of our minds at the most inopportune of moments.

Now, if so called common sense and the counsel of others, doesn’t extinguish that now all pursuing pain and that right quickly, the impregnation of desire with action, will have the most unusual effect of growing first some arms, indeed, so much so in fact, that it will have given you the ability to now reach out above the atmosphere and grab hold of that ship of dreams and do you know, yes, do you know, that in the laying hold of it, that spark of determination called strength, flinted with the stone of stubbornness, is now matched with fertilised desire and a fire begins, which again if not extinguished by bank managers and other bean counters and the like, will cause a magical transference from earth to the heavens, where all of a sudden, there you are, sat right in the cockpit of that ship of dreams and flying it back to earth! With your actions at the helm, you see, our dream is coming come down to earth.  Now the trouble really begins.

Once you begin to drive that dream, down through the red hot atmosphere, down through the mountainous clouds, down through the thunder and the wing tipped lightening, down and way on down into the air of reality where you then begin to get a view of landfall, then my oh my, you’ll had wished you had never brought your dream into the dimension of the now. For the ship you are flying seems, as is the way with driven dreams, to be more of a nightmare than anything else. It is at this point, when fear, false readings, loneliness, tiredness and the smirks and shaking heads of others, have caused many a driven dream rider, to press the big red eject button, where, after being blown from the crashing canopy, they can somewhat safely but most unceremoniously float down to earth again and watch from a semi-safe distance, their dreams crash and burn into the deepest of the “told you so” seas, never to be seen again. However for those silly enough to continue, for those stupid enough to press on through all the discouragements, for those with the courage of their convictions, stability eventually sets in and with stability, the eventual sight of a safe landfall. And you know, when a driven ship of dreams sights landfall, well oh my Lord, now, you have a destiny.

The danger with a seen destiny, is at this point  to ease back on the throttle, to take a look over there, or over here maybe, circle and see what’s going on elsewhere and with all this gadding about in the skies, the weather also now begins to descend and the solid destiny we once so clearly saw, sometimes never comes any closer, yes, sometimes it even fades into a silhouette against the grey. Here, regaining the focus of faith is most important, for you must simply believe that once you have seen your destiny, if you keep focused on it, that you will find it to be a straight line to the landing zone  and a step by step continuance along that focus line can do nothing else but bring you into the clearer skies of the growing clarity of hope, from where you shall begin to see your destination again grow ever bigger before your eyes. Don’t get distracted with pursuing your seen  destiny. No! You must keep focused, you see. You must keep, keeping on.

One day soon, with all wheels safely down and wings steady on the rising horizon, you shall touch down at “you did it!” airport, where you shall take great delight in unloading the cargo of all the fulfilment of your dreams.

For dreams to turn into desire, to turn into drives, and then into destinies and destinations, you must first mate your love with deep desire and then add to that birthed and long armed child of action: strength, courage, perseverance, faith and hope. Keep doing that and you shall arrive at “you did it” airport.  I guarantee it!

Listen: “My brethren, take the prophets, who spoke in the name of the Lord, as an example of suffering and patience. Indeed we count them blessed who endure. You have heard of the perseverance of Job and seen the end intended by the Lord - that the Lord is very compassionate and merciful.” James 5:10-11 NKJV.

Pray: Lord, thank You for dreams. Lord, grant to me the ability to turn these dreams, into both destinies and destinations. May strength, courage, perseverance, faith, hope and Your good, great and abundant hand, be with me all my days, in Jesus name I pray, amen.

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