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Night Whispers - May 18

  • 2020 May 18

Night Whispers Devotional

May 18th

Dream word – PLAN

Proverbs 21:5

“The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty.” NKJV

Of strategies and the avoidance of tragedies

A “strategy” is very simply a plan of action, with the intended result of achieving a goal. Indeed, when you are bringing your dreams down to the earth, well, there is no more useful tool in our tool box, no, it’s even more than that, for you will never arrive at your destination without a strategy.

Library shelves are full of books on strategic planning and the implementation of strategic planning but please allow me to simplify all these books into one a small statement and decisive description. (I know, I’m brilliant!) “The focus of strategic planning is not the rigidity of the plan but rather its dynamic adaptability. Within strategic planning, it is the directional dynamic of the plan, the specific direction of movement to achieve the goal which is important.”

You see, this directional and dynamic adaptability is important because the devil will put a spanner in your workings many, many times. He shall break up the road you are travelling upon and when this happens, it is then you need to be able to directionally adapt in going over, in going round, and in going through, so that you may continue going on in! I suppose a good picture of this is watching a soccer team on the attack, who, when meeting an impenetrable wall, will pass the ball as far back as their own defence and even further to their goalkeeper, so that they can then attack the opposition by coming at the obstruction from a different angle. Believe it or not, the same strategy is used in boxing, which in the end, is all about the angle of attack. 

For the called and commanded Christian, developing strategy is not hard, indeed, the development of a strategy has but one major but wide component and then simply one major earthly one. Allow me to explain.

The heavenly component is first of all, the general/specific call or command of God. Now frankly, it has been my observance that the absolute and sovereign God is rarely absolute in the communication of His plans to us. Yes, I do admit that there are times, thank God, when He draws close to us while we traverse the minefield of personal decision and guides us in the planting of each frightening and determined step, but on the whole, speaking from an earthly perspective, the sovereign God has inculcated and calculated some pretty wide and dynamic parameters for us to move in after He calls and commands us. Yes, I believe that God’s strategy has a dynamic built into it. I say this from a very human perspective of course, which for us humans on the ground, is very important and instructive. The heavenly component then is to know the orders, the command, the call of God. This is vital, but remember, the working out of this call command and order, is often down to us.

The earthly component, is the use of a multitude of counsellors. In others words, a bunch of brainstorming buddies of like mind (the like mind bit  my friends, is so very important) who can help you pray and plan the timing, the provision and the protection of any directional move within the often wide, “how to” parameters of the call and command of God. I say again, it is absolutely vital that you have counsellors of the same mind, not yes men, but nevertheless, men of the same direction. Once you have the heavenly and earthly components in place, developing a directional strategy is reasonably simple.

Finally, let me speak of tragedies. For when bringing a dream down to the earth and flying that dream from destiny to destination, to do so without a strategy, without multiple strategies even, is nothing short of a tragedy. The wreckage beneath your own zooming wings is ample testimony to that. Tell me tonight; what’s your implemented strategy to arrive at, “You did it!” Airport? For strategic planning is not mere management, no, it is combat flying, yes indeed, it is warfare! Have you prepared for war? Have you prepared to be adaptive? Have you prepared for the need to go on even if it is by going round, by going over or by going through? Have you fully prepared your strategic war plan?

Listen: “Plans are established by counsel; By wise counsel wage war.” Proverbs 20:18 NKJV.

Pray:-  Lord, give me  a discerning heart to choose counsellors of like mind. Yes Lord, give me counsellors of wound and scar, giant killers even to aid me in the strategic planning needed to get me from my destiny to my destination, in Jesus name I pray, amen. 

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