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Night Whispers - November 15

  • 2019 Nov 15

Night Whispers Devotional

November 15th

Dream word – REPENT

Nahum 3:16

“You have multiplied your merchants more than the stars of heaven. The locust plunders and flies away.” NKJV 

The slut and the dog dung exhibit

In 2008, in Cambridge England, Stephen Hawking, author of A Brief History of Time unveiled horologist John Taylor’s gift to Corpus Christi College, the golden Chronophage or “Time Eater”!

The clock is unusual in two respects. First that it has no hands! Neither does it have any digital read out, just a series of slits and blue flashing lights, only really being accurate once every five minutes. Its second and really its most striking feature is the fierce grasshopper of gargantuan proportions which forms the central theme of its mechanism, sitting astride ever advancing time and eating up each second.

A locust is in effect an all destroying, all consuming swarming, crawling, chewing, grasshopper. It is the ultimate consumer. Really then, this great new golden clock is a picture of the ever consumption of time. Despite Taylor’s obvious tribute to John Harrisons 18th century invention of “the grasshopper escapement”, surely there is no more fitting a creature to describe consumption than the locust grasshopper. When time is over, surely this beast shall like all locusts, fly away and feast elsewhere.

The seer Nahum, in his prophecy takes a tour of Nineveh, that city of over consumption, that tart of the ancient east who led the nations in ever consuming violence and by the very Word of God, Nahum pronounced her proud, infectious and ripe for judgement. For not only was she not content to die of her own idolatrous infections but she also pimped her products abroad infecting all the world while shaking her black booty in the very face of heaven! Still, the giant golden grasshopper even there, sat astride Nineveh that great city and having eaten up their time and talents in selfish consumerism was even then, fat, full and ready to fly away and feast elsewhere. Over consuming waste, angers God. Yes, the wasteful feeding of this giant grasshopper of selfish and sinful consumption, angers God, it turns Him into an enemy. Beware! For when this happens, God has the tendency to turn things upside down and inside out, laying them bare for all the world to see.

Should this wasteful eater be now sitting astride your time, your wallet, your desires or your destiny, even if it is a golden one, then be sure that somewhere idolatry has made a landing space for it. I tell you, if God is getting His bucket of dog dirt ready for a flinging, then no amount of federal interference will get in the way of His strip down, pelt down, melt down. Remember that in the end, all ultimate consumers will someday fly away, and you shall be left alone, naked, embarrassed and stinking, revealed fully and most publicly for who you really are and what you have most truly lived for. I tell you tonight then that you must get rid of the selfish and sinful idols that are making way for all your giant golden grasshoppers.  Christian, if your time is consumed by anything other than the kingdom of God, then all you have to look forward to is the burning of wood, hay and stubble.

Listen: “I'm your enemy, Whore Nineveh — I, God-of-the-Angel-Armies! I'll strip you of your seductive silk robes and expose you on the world stage. I'll let the nations get their fill of the ugly truth of who you really are and have been all along. I'll pelt you with dog dung and place you on a pedestal: 'Slut on Exhibit.'“ (from THE MESSAGE: Nahum 3:5-6)

Pray:  Lord, help me to live  selfless and sowing life, open handed and giving of heart. Help me O Lord, to number my days and prepare to meet with You. Amen and amen.

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