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Pas the Day - July 3, 2020

  • 2020 Jul 03

“Therefore we want to know what these things mean.” (Acts 17:20)

The church should not disdain the intellectual, the cultured, or the educated but rather welcome them and their curious inquiries. Anyone who testifies to an intellectual should say what they know and admit what they do not know. There are some things about Christ that are known: Mysteriously He was born of a virgin, vicariously He died on the cross, and miraculously.

He was raised from the grave. Gloriously He returned to God the Father and majestically He will one day come back to claim those who belong to Him.

Live with purpose during the coronavirus pause!

Pas the Day May 2020 offerThese are the “in-between” times of life – much like the season we’re experiencing now. And however long they last, they define life itself.

In Living in the In-Between Times, Pastor Ralph Douglas West brings the story of the Old Testament prophet Samuel to life, showing you how God speaks in your “in betweens” and what it looks like to live faithfully in these seasons of waiting and wondering.

Request your copy when you give below to help encourage more people with the Gospel – and learn to make the most of every moment of your life!

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