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Pearls of Grace - January 13

  • 2021 Jan 13

January 13

Boldness That Comes From Strength of Soul

"On the day I called, You answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul."

Psalm 138:3

Israel’s greatest hero and most valiant warrior takes no glory in the victories he’s won, only in the One who gave him the boldness and courage to fight them. To the soldier who has discovered the wellspring of God’s courage and learned to drink therein there will be no fear before his eyes. Bravery is not attained or earned; it is given of God, fashioned by His mighty hand for the child who is His warrior. Any human courage we may be able to muster will fail us in times of challenge. David was no skilled warrior when God called him to lead the armies of Israel, only a shepherd boy that slew the bear, the lion and the giant Philistine by the power of the God of Israel. He knew he had no courage within himself. So, at an early age he learned to call upon God to help him in his time of need. If we depend upon the Lord in the pastures of peace we will have no lack upon the battlefields.

Have you ever had to go in and ask for a raise or approach your boss about taking time off; or go to a friend or co-worker to discuss a matter that was difficult or embarrassing? Have you ever struggled at times with bowing your head to bless your meal because of your peers, or been too ashamed to speak your convictions for fear of rejection or the consequences you might incur? Maybe you’ve lacked the courage to lift your hands in praise and worship to the Lord for fear of what others might think? There are those who welcome confrontation and then there are the rest of us who run from it, on any level. I happen to be a runner by nature and I avoid confrontation if at all possible. Unfortunately, in life we will not always have the option of running or avoidance. But there is hope for each and every runner, bravery for every cowardice heart!

Through the life of King David, we understand that we no longer have to run from battle for on the day he called to the Lord he was given boldness and strength of soul. There is a wellspring, beloved warrior of God, if we will but dip down into the waters of His might and power, which will wash away every fear and dispel all doubt. Enemies tremble at the sound of the footsteps of the child of God who has armed himself, not with bow and arrow fashioned by human hands, but with trust and quiet confidence in His God who will fight for him. God cannot be defeated, no matter how fierce or numerous the enemy and victory is not limited to, nor dependent on our ability to stand. Aren’t you glad?

I am a people pleaser by nature and if I think what I’m going to ask, say, or do might displease in some way, then I often struggle when I’m put into a situation where I have to. If this is you, then know that like me, you do not have to possess courage or strength, only dependency upon the One who is strength, the One who can never fail. God has reached down and placed courage within my heart that I’ve never known before when I’ve needed it in extremely difficult situations that I would not have survived otherwise. I only had to ask as His child. We need but call to Him in the day of battle! God is tried and tested. He has proven Himself faithful in the battlefield and He has never run. If you are trying to fight your own battles, then hear the words of the mighty warrior, the anointed one of God; "On the day I called, You answered me." I encourage you to join with me in making this the cry of your heart daily…

Make me bold with strength in my soul.

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