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Pearls of Grace - March 28

  • 2021 Mar 28


March 28

The Demise of Fret

"…Do not fret, it leads only to evildoing."

Psalm 37:8

Usually when we fret over something it’s because we have refused to surrender that something into God’s control. It’s easier to just worry because it gives us something to do in the midst of a challenging situation. As long as we hang onto control then we have an excuse for our anxieties and we can continue to live in drama and turmoil! So, rather than give it to God in trust with a grateful heart, we turn it over and over again within our minds until a rest of soul has completely eluded us. Rather than God consuming our thoughts, our situation takes center stage and this puts the spotlight on us. Whether we will ever admit it or not, we all love that spotlight to be on our needs and our concerns. So, we hang on to our will so we can handle our life. We applaud our situations saying, "Encore…encore…" allowing the same emotions to keep replaying their scenes before us. The marquee outside the theater reads, "Turmoil". We are our biggest following being the president of our fan club and cheer our drama on, day after day.

An anxious soul will yield a fruitless life. It does not profit the soul but rather it robs the soul of the one thing it needs the most; Peace. Until we surrender the outcome of all things we will continue to rob ourselves of God’s peace. You may be asking, "Pam where do I start"? You start by identifying the things you are anxious about, the things that worry you the most. Bring these to the surface and then you can begin to take them to the Lord in prayer one by one. Corrie Ten Boon said, "Worry todayrobs your strength for tomorrow". She spoke from the wisdom of Jesus Himself who spoke of the value of having peace today, peace in the now of our lives. What do you think God would have you do right now with everyone of your worries?

I believe when we do not trust God for the outcome it’s because we lack the faith to do so. Faith is cultivated in our relationship with God through consistent Bible study, prayer and walking with God communing with Him day in and day out through the every day events of life. A relationship of trust is built and made very strong the longer we practice these things. Scripture is very clear about this process. Paul tells us in Romans 10:17"Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God". Again He tells us in Daniel 11:32 that "those who know their God will display strength and take action". Our trust in God will flow out of our relationship with Him.

We will not trust God if we do not know Him. It’s one thing to know of Him but another thing entirely to know Him. When we find this harmony of trust and faith within our Christian walk and service we will not find ourselves in a wrestling match with worry. The strong Christians I have had the privilege of knowing have all purposed in their life journey to know God, to know Jesus. They understood that strength of soul is the fruit borne out of purpose and intentional living nurturing their relationship with God. You Cannot Know the Peace of God Unless You First Know The God Of Peace

Surrendering the outcome to God will calm the soul.

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For more from Pam Jenkins and Jabbok Ministries, please visit www.jabbokministries.com!

Listen to Pam Jenkins's daily broadcast on OnePlace.com.

For more from Pam Jenkins and Jabbok Ministries, please visit www.jabbokministries.com!

Listen to Pam Jenkins's daily broadcast on OnePlace.com.

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