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Pearls of Grace - November 10

  • 2020 Nov 10

November 10

True Love

"Love never fails…"

I Corinthians 13:8

Life is full of opportunities to express our love to God. Every day He gives us the power to choose, to give and take. We alone have the authority to decide how we will relate to God today; how we will acknowledge Him through our words or by our actions. No one else can make that choice for us. Throughout the Holy Scriptures, you will hear the same declaration resounding loud and strong; "behold what manner of love God has bestowed upon us that we should be called His children". We can read God’s love story and know that God loves us because He has proved it over and over again. But, if our lives were that story, how would it read beloved? Would the words pen a love story of you and your God? As each chapter unfolds would we be captivated by the love you have for Him? The Lord has an undying love for us, but do we return what He has given to us? How do we love a God that we cannot touch, see or hear in an audible voice? How do we express our love to the One Who has expressed it fully to us?

True love is given in such a way that it pleases the heart of the one who is loved. It respects the one love and has their best interest at heart. So, to love God, we seek to please His heart, to honor Him and cherish Him for Who He is. True love never seeks to gain, only to give; it is never self-seeking. It has no expectations only a heart to please no matter the cost. This is what God’s heart desires from His children. By nature we will strive to bring to pass our own desires, and we will give ourselves to those things that will bring us the greatest joy. God wants us to choose Him over everything and everyone else because, we have found that He is our joy and our only desire.

We love God every time we say yes to Him, every time we choose Him; every time we put Him first. When we think of God before we act then we are loving Him. If we seek God’s approval before we speak, we are loving Him. When we ask His permission before saying yes to another we are loving Him. Every time you and I seek God’s heart in anything, we are expressing our love for Him in a way that is honorable. When we forgive, we are loving Him. When we love others we are loving Him. He is deserving of the same love that He has given to us; an everlasting love. An everlasting love says; "there has never been a time when I have not, nor will not be loving you". Can you say that about your love for the Lord?

I will love You with my life.

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