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Pearls of Grace - September 19

  • 2021 Sep 19

September 19

Is There A Place for Me?

"…there is a place by Me…"

Exodus 33:21

There are millions of people this very hour wandering aimlessly through life, enduring the events of each day while the same thoughts of despair and confusion fill their minds. Millions of dollars are paid for counseling and support group programs to settle these battled weary minds and lonely hearts that are searching for their place, their purpose in this world. The repetitive cry of the unsatisfied heart is: "Where can I find true happiness?" The never ending search is not for power, success, money or even love as many have thought, but rather it is the search for real joy and fulfillment that will not fade. Joy that cannot be found in relationships with others, fulfillment that can never be found in material things, in wealth or position, but a joy that fills our lives so that we never want for anything else. A joy that motivates us every morning to rise and see that the day is worth the living, a deep satisfaction of heart that longs for nothing more for it is completely and utterly content. This is the heart that has found the one and only place where true joy and contentment is found.

This place is found beside God Himself. The place you were meant to occupy and live in for all eternity. God never intended for us to be separated from Him but rather to be with Him forever. It is the separation that brings discontentment, discouragement, want, desperation, and sadness of heart. For beside Him one is never in need of anything for He is I AM. He is what you need or will ever need. He is what you want or will ever want. He is what you hope for or could ever hope for. He is more than words could ever describe for if we were to write them upon a scroll, it could not contain it, even if stretched from sky to sky. It is here right beside Him where your heart will melt away from all care and want, leaving but one desire, to stay a while longer. Sadness can never enter your heart when resting beside Him, for in Him is complete joy, and in His presence tears are dried and the sorrows of the soul are removed by His hands of love and comfort. Burdens are lifted and the worries of life fade away in the sight of His Holiness.

God hath said Himself, there is a place beside me. It is the place He has reserved for you. Will you rest there this moment, this day? Will you forsake all others and give yourself unto occupying this place? It is the highest place in Heaven and it is yours as a child of God. The only other person who occupies the side of God is the Lord Himself. Do not allow the world to draw you to another place.

Let me be found at thy side oh Lord.

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