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Fueled - Powered by 4 - June 26

  • 2019 Jun 26

Wednesday, June 26


Today's reading: Judges 14:10-20

Samson's wedding and the festivities that went along with it contain a number of examples to take note of and learn from. There was one example, however, that stood out prominently to me as I took in this account--how pride negatively fueled virtually every person who was part of this situation. Feelings of pride are powerful, and they will adversely cloud our judgment and cause us to say and do foolish and sometimes harmful things.

A wedding should be a celebratory and joyful event. But this particular wedding was negatively influenced from the start by Samson's riddle, delivered with a bit of an arrogant and prideful attitude. But the relatives and close friends of Samson's wife also have plenty of pride of their own. They are unwilling to let their new "brother and friend" get the upper hand with his riddle. And so they threaten Samson's wife (one of their own) with her life and her family's lives if she doesn't deliver the answer to the riddle to them. Under duress, Samson's new wife secures the answer, and the 30 companions then present it to Samson. Their haughty manner of delivery fuels Samson's pride into full-blown anger, which then brings about the slaying of 30 innocent men.

Lesson learned: Nothing good ever comes from our pride.

How important is it for us to be aware of our feelings of pride? Identify in what area(s) you tend to struggle with prideful attitudes, thoughts or actions. Talk with God about these areas and ask Him to help you push pride out of the picture. Tami

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