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Getting to Noah - Powered by 4 - October 11

  • 2019 Oct 11

Friday, October 11

Getting to Noah

Today's reading: Genesis 5:1-32

Do you ever read something in scripture and think to yourself, "I wonder why God included this in the Bible?" I know I sure have, and I still do sometimes. One area about which I used to ask this question is genealogies, or family trees. I didn't particularly like to read through these lists and would often skim over or skip them altogether.

But then one day it hit me that every word God recorded in the Bible is important to God, and that all that God has written has a purpose and is meant for me to read. This "aha" moment changed my perspective and, in turn, how I approach genealogies and other portions of scripture that contain lists and numbers such as detailed laws and instructions (like those found in Exodus regarding sacrifices, worship and the tabernacle). That being the case, I now slow down and take some extra care when I read these types of passages, looking for what I can garner from this information that God has specifically placed in the Bible for me to read and know.

Why do you think God includes genealogies as part of scripture? In other words, why are they important, and what can we glean from seeing lineages? Why do you think God included the family tree from Adam to Noah at this point in the Bible? What's one thing you learned, noticed or discovered from this family tree? Tami

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